publication on Dossier Journal (NY Magazine)

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Dress for my Dear Friend Luciana

Bleached cotton + lace dress for my dear friend Lucy. Hope she'll put it on soon "Lucy on a hammock… and Lucy at school… and Lucy in the sky and kisses and hugs, Daddy. And P.S. I love you, like in the song."



Zola Jesus' concert at Moon Club in Mirano, Venice was really one of the most touching I've ever seen. Her mermaid deep voice inspired some of my works throughout these years. That's why I decided to get in contact with the tour management and give her this dress just before the concert. Here's also a brief review of the gig (sorry it is in Italian) http://www.impattosonoro.it/2012/04/17/reportage/zola-jesus-moon-club-mirano-ve-9-aprile-2012/



Dress by: Mariaclara Zanin
Photo's by: Andoni & Arantxa@ Close-Up
Style by: Ellen Mirck
Make-up by: : Claudia Marchetti @ Greenapple
Hair by: Tomaso Incamicia @ Close-Up
Model: Kristel van Valkenhoef @ Elite Milano



These are the costumes I made for an artistic dance performace in collaboration with Centro Artedanza Lucy Briaschi http://www.lucybriaschidanza.com/
It took place in

-Teatro Comunale, Thiene (Vicenza) --17th April 2011-- ARTEVEN theatre Season
- Teatro Bixio, Vicenza --8th May 2011
-Teatro Comunale, Thiene (vicenza)-- 29th May 2011--final show of the dance recital "GRUPPO ARTEDANZA LUCY BRIASCHI"


Arlecchino CMYK

costume di scena per l'opera teatrale PINOCCHIO, andato in scena al Palabassano il 4 e 5 dicembre.
La regia dell’opera è curata dal direttore artistico de La Piccionaia di Vicenza, Carlo Presotto.
In attesa di foto migliori, ecco le provvisorie.
Un grazie alla Lucy per le foto



publication on Vogue Italia, september 2010 issue, "emerging talents" booklet, page 6


Stylist (VISIT: http://www.shootthemodel.com/fashion.php )

This is a photoshooting I curated, in collaboration with Soraia Costa and David Tynnauer (www.shootthemodel.com). Followed by their two-years-old son Valentino and a cameraman, Soaia and David are travelling around Europe discovering new places and emerging talents, according to the itinerant fashion tv program they're working for. This has been an intense, exciting two-days-long experience.

Model: Anna Martini
These backstage pictures were taken by: Soraia Costa, David Tynnauer, Marco Bizzotto
Thank you to: Andrea Maino and Francesca Basso



At certain moments I felt that the entire world was turning into stone: a slow petrifaction, more or less advanced depending on people and places but one that spared no aspect of life. It was as if no one could escape the inexorable stare of Medusa. The only hero able to cut off Medusa's head is Perseus, who flies with winged sandals; Perseus, who does not turn his gaze upon the face of the Gorgon but only upon her image reflected in his bronze shield. Thus Perseus comes to my aid even at this moment, just as I too am about to be caught in a vise of stone -which happens every time I try to speak about my own past. Better to let my talk be composed of images from mythology.

To cut off Medusa's head without being turned into stone, Perseus supports himself on the very lightest of things, the winds and the clouds, and fixes his gaze upon what can be revealed only by indirect vision, an image caught in a mirror.
(Italo Calvino, From Six Memos for the Next Millennium
Chapter 1: Lightness)