Chapter two: Memento Crescere

Memento crescere takes inspiration from the motto “memento mori”(“remember you have to die”). Literally translated, my motto means “remember you have to grow”, since my uniform encloses two opposite concepts: the memento itself, referring to something happened in the past, and growth, an action which is addressed to the future. It is a symbolic representation of an inevitable growth , which, facing time’s irreducibility, shows its need of reappropiation of the past; this growth has been intended as a stalagmite, a series of cumulative experiences and life stages represented by different layers of the dress, which are bound together by press studs. The work suit becomes habitus, a for-ever-and-ever shelter.

Displayed at Pitti Immagine Uomo (January 2008, Florence)

and at Salone del Mobile (April 2008, Milan)

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